I really hate it when people title their email "hi." I think I hate it more than emails with no subject at all because I figure if you are going to go to the effort of inserting any title at all it should be a little bit more descriptive or creative than fuckin' "hi." Actually this was not meant to be the subject of this post but typing the word hi suddenly reminded me of this reaction that "hi" elicits when it populates the subject field of an email. What I actually meant to post was a "hi" to my students Dennis and Russ whom I recently learned are reading my blog. Yes a wake-up call to me and others that blogs are public and that is why I follow a few rules when I blog. Never blog about friends, coworkers, employers, or students (unless it's something nice). Be especially careful not to name them or put up photos of them without permission if you're blogging about something they said or did in a private forum. Don't blog anything that you would not talk about openly to a coworker, student, employer etc. Oh and don't blog anything that would give a crazy stalker with tendencies to injure people enough information to find you in real life. I think I generally do a good job of sticking to this though I curse a lot more in my blog than I do in normal conversation with say a coworker. But, fuck, whatever.


Chapina said...

yeah, there are all kinds of things I want to talk about even in my blog that is supposedly private I still don't trust it. It makes me realize how strong my tendency is to wanna "critique" or maybe the more formal term is to talk shit...I prefer "debriefing". You are so wise my friend.

Robyn said...

do you swear when you teach?
just wondering because i do a bit--not too much i don't think, mostly when i fuck something up. but anyway i remember liking it when my profs swore. i still do, i think. it's funny. but i hd one student write on an eval that he thought it was offensive. argh, i liked this kid but he was kind of conservative.

Vanessa said...

Chapina, I have a lot of shit to talk but I don't want to get dooced like dooce.com. Robyn, I try not to swear in class for that very reason but when I have 50 minutes to do a million things, half my students arrive late, and the projector decides not to work, it inevitably happens. I think it's funny when profs swear myself but then I'm not some uptight goody goody and you'll have to assume some percentage of your students are.