what would you do

Imagine you are in "Canada" (because Americans can't name Canadian cities) housesitting for an uncle who is overseas. You go out to say hello to a friend and close the garage door behind you. When you go to head back inside you realize that the garage door is jammed and you can't get in because all the other entrances are barrel bolted from the inside. Luckily you have the keys to the rental car and a map to a relative's house drawn on a post it note but no phone, no laptop, no change of clothes or underwear and no way to get back into the house. You call the uncle and he says there's no way in with eveything bolted from the inside. The neighbours don't speak English and would probably freak out watching you break in. What would you do?

This is my friend's situation right now so if you see an unshaven guy with a 2 of spades tattoo wearing clothes that isn't his breaking into a house in Richmond please don't call the cops. I expect he'll have the details on his blog soon. (unless, of course, things go even more wrong and he ends up in jail for B&E).


Anonymous said...

too damn funny

poor den den


Robyn said...

holy crap. i always wondered, if you call a locksmith, do they ask for proof that it is your car or house or whatever? (i realize this wouldn't work in this case, but i guess the same would apply if he called a garage door repair or whatever.)