The last 5 or 6 years NYE has been kinda quiet or disappointing, or one year, spent alone when the snow trapped me in my home. I have to say that last night was the best NYE ever. My closest friends were all there and we had a hotel room upstairs from the party. The music was awesome. Some really creative 80s/progressive house remixes. We partied until 5am before retiring to the room. What makes me sad is that parties like these are numbered. Once my friends start popping out babies, it'll be an end of another chapter. Hopefully they put that off so we can have a few more years of fun.

What's really cruel is starting the first full day of school on Jan 3rd. Today was recovery day, tomorrow is drive back to Seattle day, and school starts bright and early the day after that. Ugh. So exhausted.

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Robyn said...

my new year's have been the same. i think i'm looking forward to doing the family hawai'i new years, which fortunately can be done with babies: potluck and popping fireworks. (well, i guess the babies can't really participate, but they can hang out in the house with everybody.)