So I decided to take advantage of my health insurance (hooray for grad school funding) and get another pair of glasses since I get $100 for lenses and $70 for frames. I got a pair of cool frames at 4 Your Eyes Only in Wallingford for $180. Before getting the lenses ($335 for 16.7 high index eeeek), the lady let me charge just the frames and take them with me to compare with other glasses. She said if I found something else they could just refund the frames. Sounded like a good idea.

Today I stopped in at the ever so popular Eyes on Fremont (ranked in NW Source and City Search). I found another pair of frames for $180 that I liked and asked Andrea there what she thought. She took a couple measurements and was honest enough to say that she thought my frames from the other store were better for me. Can you believe that?? I asked how much their 16.7 high index lenses were....$220 and 10% student discount. That's more than $100 less than the other place ($335 and same student discount). I called the other store for a price match and they tried to convince me that their anti-reflective coating was "premium" and they have a 2 year warrantee and couldn't match the price. Andrea at Eyes on Fremont explained that they had a 1 year warrantee, which was good enough for me especially if I'm saving a hundred bucks! So it was a done deal. My frames are from 4 Your Eyes and my lenses are from Eyes on Fremont and I've saved over a hundred bucks.

Next time I'll just head straight for Fremont. They have a tonne of really cool frames for about the same price or less, and you just can't beat that price for high index lenses.


Robyn said...

i wnt new glasses!

is 16.7 the number on your contact lens box? holy crap.

Van said...

hehe no my eyes arent *that* bad. 16.7 is the density of the lens when they're measuring those high index ones.