small world

Went out for a beer at Fado's last night so Denny could meet up with some friends and so I could invite my friend Lieon to meet them and get to know some other physical therapists so he can hopefully find a job here after he passes his board exams. Turned out these two groups of people already knew/knew of each other through other Canadians who live in Seattle. Everytime someone started a sentence with "so do you know so and so" the answer always seemed to be yes. Every Asian Canadian in a major US city seems to know one another. I thought I left Vancouver to escape all this incest but if you keep your nose clean and don't burn bridges, it's kinda cool that we are all connected I guess.

I'm almost done all my reading for next week so I can prepare for the pile of student papers I have to grade tomorrow. Need to churn out a couple conference submissions and I think I will be okay.

Oh, we went out to the Nintendo employee store to buy Wiis today. Thanks Wing!! I get to play with it until Simon comes up to visit next month and takes it back to SF. If I can lose 9lbs playing this, I'm getting my own.


Ben said...

So jealous you have a Wii! They're not even launched in Taiwan yet.

James said...

I think you're off playing DDR than the wii to lose weight. Now if you can play ddr while playing the wii, that'll be a different story.