CNY predictions

Chinese New Year is not here until Feb 18th but I was interested in checking out the accuracy of 2006's predictions. This was my fortune for 2006:

With a Dog year the Dragon will clash so you will need to take extra care this year but remember being prepared will give you the edge to make sure the year is good for you. Overall the year will bring change and this can be good for career and also business as it can steer you in a different direction that will be better for you. To improve your luck, keep fresh red roses in your office and home and wear red clothes. All Dragons need to be careful of wealth this year, do not worry about this as you will have money coming in but you need to concentrate on retaining it, so no gambling or taking risks.

I have to say, it wasn't too far off. I did move in another direction in more ways than one.

And for 2007:

[this one kinda sucks]
Dragon is very happy to see the pig. After a year of challenges by the yipping dog, the dragon is ready to sit at the banquet table and rest. The tired dragon must remember that the dog is not far away and the clouds of the dog year still dampen his fire. The pig year will bring fullness to the dragon who eats slowly. Self control does not come easily to the fierce dragon, but this year there is little energy stored after battling the dog. The wise dragon will spend resources with caution and build strength for new cycle starting with the rat year in 2008. Enjoy the quiet return to fullness and do not get frustrated at your weakness after battle with the dog all year in 2006. Your strength will return. This year plan trips and business ventures that will not need your full power. Success will come slowly. You will find many reasons for frustration with family and coworkers. It is not the fault of others that you cannot provide the energy you need this year. Control your fire breath and you will receive more assistance and find good fortune

[here's another from chineseastrology.com that's a little less confusing, sort of]
Pig years bring popularity, celebrity and an increase in reputation to lucky Dragons. During this year you may acquire income from more than one source and by the end of the year, new dreams may well have become reality. Express your personal opinions carefully, and demonstrate both consideration and respect. An auspicious year to take charge of your inner life and discover its hidden springs! Meditation, healing qigong, reiki or any of the metaphysical arts would be a harmonious pursuit for you in 2007. Use this year to continue plans already in motion, while you also start to branch out into new avenues. You are amongst the few who can do both.

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