self perpetuating cycle

I'm caught in a couple of self-perpetuating cycles. For example, there's no food at home, we're working late and since there's no food at home, might as well go out to eat instead of going to get groceries. Since we went out to eat again tonight, we have no food at home for tomorrow. I'm so sick of eating at restaurants. The other cycle involves spending so much time at work (or out eating) that I'm not getting to the gym. When I don't work out I get fat and tired which keeps me from finding the energy to go to the gym. So this is what happens when I live Simon's schedule. It sucks. It's absolutely unhealthy. I need my balance back and I'm almost considering taking yet another car from San Mateo to south bay so I can live my own schedule. I've got a million personal tasks to take care of and a list of personal goals for the summer, none of which I've touched because I spend about 3 waking hours at home each evening and I need part of that to do things like oh I dunno shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. I haven't even been able to do laundry because I don't want to wake the neighbours running the wash at 11pm. I think I'll have to go to work in pajamas on Friday due to lack of clean clothes.

In other news I'm exchanging emails with another landlord who responded to my housing wanted post on Craigslist. I'm getting some good responses from landlords who like to find their own tenants before posting their ad. Works well for both parties. This lady has a basement suite in Ravenna. She sent some photos and it's partially furnished. My main concern is that there aren't a whole lot of windows. Well, I'll see it in person hopefully next month to check it out. I printed my academic schdule and with this 10 week quarter system with breaks in between and long weekends, I can come back here every 2 to 7 weeks. Not bad huh? Probably just enough away time to focus on my studies but hopefully enough to keep my ties and some sort of a life here. I've already sold my big items - a standing mirror, my PDA and accessories, and my too-big not-so-portable laptop. Now I've gotta plan for the move, figure out what stuff I need to buy, and book an August flight to spec things out.


ceaz said...

I lived that unhealthy schedule for 2.5 years. Finally in April I signed up for a gym right across the street from my office. If E is working late, I just pop across the street for a quick or longer workout.

Junebug said...

I am completely and totally in the same boat as you...this moving for school business (while you're busy as hell anyway) really sucks.

Robyn said...

i am on exactly the same food cycle. sort of the same non-exercise cycle too but i'm blaming it on lack of time so that sort of keeps me from feeling lazy.

good to know about the housing wanted ads. i would never have done that.