China duty

Holy cow I haven't blogged in a week. It was our week for China duty, meaning we have to take care of the company's employees visiting from the Shanghai office. This involves picking them up from corporate housing, taking them out to eat all meals including dinner, and taking them out on the weekend. Usually we try to get them out to do stuff they don't have a chance to do where they're from. For example, driving (in the company car in the parking lot at night). That was kinda scary but they got a huge kick out of it. One of them mentioned that the first thing he plans to do when he gets home is get a driver's license.

Friday night they also had their first taste of olives and vodka martinis. They were good with the martinis but not so fond of olives. They saw Simon devouring olives like they were chocolate or something and one guy had nothing to say but "I don't understand." That was pretty funny. Saturday we toured Stanford University and then went to Malibu Grand Prix so they could drive the go carts and play some games. That's where I had a first. My first try in a batting cage. In phys ed we never had to play baseball and I only ever attempted the sport once in junior high and I don't remember doing so well at it. This time, I hit 19 out of 20 balls. I was quite proud of myself. That night the guys also tried champagne and French food for the first time.

It's Sunday night and we're finally home. I feel like we've been out of town or something. Everything is as we left it a week ago. I can't wait to burn off all these restaurant food calories. Gonna check out an adult gymnastics class Tuesday night to start.


Egan said...

Is this mike still on? Testing, testing?

Robyn said...

china duty sounds fun!

i love the olives in martinis but i only eat other people's. i've never had a dirty martini myself. i'm kind of scared cuz the only other salty drink i've had was a bad bloody mary.