eating habits

A great article on globalization and the spread of bad anglo-saxon eating habits. Good read. Smaller portions, sit and enjoy your food, don't eat on the run are the tips they give. I wonder if that's the secret of Asians as well. But with our 10+ course family dinners, I'm not sure if we end up eating smaller portions or just healthier more balanced foods. On a side note, wouldn't it suck balls to find out you're one of those anonymous fat people they took a picture of for an article on obesity? The one in that article was really unflattering. Worse yet, imagine if it were video they took of you from the neck down for a news show.


Ben said...

Oh, good article. I think one big thing is the Taiwanese views on meals -- they automatically request a veggie dish at every meal, and there's some kind of psychological block when they feel they've been eating "too much meat". They have it, but I don't. And I need to learn that.

Egan said...

It's all about portion control. It's cheaper to eat bigger amounts or we feel like we get a better deal that way. It's wacky I tell you. I hope to never end up on tv footage like that.