crazy month

Wow I abandoned my blog for yet another week. We've had houseguests lately which has been a lot of fun. We headed to Sonoma in 116F weather on Saturday and did a great tour of San Fran on Sunday. The rest of the time they've been on their own while Simon and I have been working our asses off to get ready to head to Mexico for a wedding. Between now and September I've gotta find a new home in Seattle, finish up my work for TeleNav and another contract I picked up, buy a laptop, get my finances in order, get registered for school, and pack up. It's only going to get crazier.

I just finished spending some time on this web profile I had to write so I guess I'll share that so you guys have somethin' to read...Hope all of you out in blog land are well.

Vanessa Au (M.A. Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts, San Francisco State University, 2006; B.A. Communication, Simon Fraser University, 2000) is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication and deserter of the high tech industry. Once a product marketing manager for software companies big and small in Vancouver, BC and the San Francisco Bay Area, Vanessa is now interested in investigating the ways in which new media are enabling and empowering Asian North Americans to find their voice. In her master’s thesis titled “Import Models Online: The Sexual Politics of Web Authorship,” she revealed the variety of ways in which the web sites of young Asian American “import models” gave the young women a space to negotiate their cultural identities, assert a sense of personal empowerment, and challenge dominant stereotypes of Asian women. Vanessa hopes to continue developing an understanding of what Asian North Americans have gained by carving out a piece of the Internet to be seen instead of overlooked and heard instead of silenced as they often are in other media. Outside of school, Vanessa enjoys snowboarding, gymnastics, public speaking, blogging, traveling, and campaigning for fair portrayals of Asian North Americans in the media.

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