Most of my friends, whom I must say are very intelligent because that is a minimum requirement of people I call my friends, realize that I have absolutely no fucking patience for stupid people. What pisses me off is when stupid people read my blog and post stupid comments because 1. they're barely literate, misread everything I wrote, and make unjust assumptions about my character 2. they're a bunch of marginally educated backwards thinking racist assholes. And that's why I love the Moderate Comments feature in Blogger. Yes you stupid fuck, flame me all you want. Spend hours crafting your message to me and to the world. I wont publish it on this little piece of cyberspace I call mine.


Egan said...

I was about to ask you earlier tonight if the harrassing comments had gone away or not. I guess I have my answer. Lameness.

Sandra said...

You don't know me, and I don't know you. But I enjoy reading your blog...maybe it is because I am an academic and I relate a lot to what you say. Don't worry about the stupid people.

Kai said...

Too bad all those stupid people also have drivers licenses and stand in 10 item express lane with 20 items.