spoiled votes caused Kerry's loss?

I don't know what to say but WTF is wrong with this country?

"Bush won Ohio by 136,483 votes. In the United States, about 3 percent
of votes cast are voided—known as “spoilage” in election jargon—because the
ballots cast are inconclusive. Drawing on what happened in Florida and studies
of elections past, Palast argues that if Ohio’s discarded ballots were
counted, Kerry would have won the state. Today, the Cleveland Plain
Dealer reports there are a total of 247,672 votes not counted in
Ohio, if you add the 92,672 discarded votes plus the 155,000 provisional
ballots. So far there's no indication that Palast's hypothesis will be tested
because only the provisional ballots are being counted."


Anonymous said...

Get out and feel America. You are stuck in an overcrowded city and all the whackos there keep assuring themselves that everyone is 'just like them' - this election was a wake up call (that they continue to miss) that this land is NOT like them. We are a country of individuals, not the mindless drones that the liberals have become. We value morals, family values, life, the right to bear firearms - all things that the liberals either despise or want to change.

We are an independent country, we don't NEED europe to love us. Hey, it's great when they like us, but if they don't - big whoop. We don't need them, if anything, they need us more than we need them. Our economy and buying power is proof of that. Heck, someone as limited as Bill O'Reilly calls for a boycott on France, and they are hurt by it. Bill certainly doesn't influence a majority of the people in the U.S. - but the small amount that he does speak to (and for) is enough to affect France.

We don't use our power, our military to make folks bow to us (we could if we wanted to), that is not the way the U.S. works. However, when we have good reason to use our military, we'll do it. We had many reasons to invade Iraq, I know you don't think so, so allow me to educate you. At the end of Gulf War I, Saddam signed a peace treaty. As a vanquished country, he was suppose to abide by the treaty or face having his country re-invaded and his government toppled. Saddam did NOT abide by the treaty, violating it time after time after time. Rather than worry about the consequences of violating the peace treaty; Saddam figured (incorrectly) that he could bribe France, Germany and Russia into never voting for the U.N. to re-invade Iraq. He was partly correct, those three countries constantly blocked a U.N. resolution to do what needed to be done. Saddam didn't count on the U.S. saying 'screw it, we will do what needs to be done' - which we did. Iraq is now in better shape than it has ever been. However, the whacko religious fanatics keep entering Iraq and trying to disrupt the new Iraqi government and us. The Iraqi's are finally getting their fill and are being more and more cooperative in helping out the insurgents - the insurgents are finding it harder and harder to have places to hide.

Sorry, you are living in a bubble. Have you seen the map that shows the voting (who won) county by county? Even in California, Oregon and other 'blue states', the majority of counties voted for Bush. It was the highly populated cities that voted for Kerry.

Live in (or visit) the more rural areas and get in touch with the real Americans, not just the folks that you are hanging with.

thesimplelife said...

In answer to Anonymous, why didn't Bush present the broken treaties as the reason for going into Iraq? To this day I am pissed at being lied to by our(sorry, yours, not mine) president. Where are the WMD's? Sorry, I have to say WTF as well. Saddam is a bad guy but please.. persuade us with reason and sound judgement not fear-mongering lies.