Hypothetical situation. OK OK so this is actually a true story and as usual I get the short end of the stick at the end of it.

Say you were helping a girlfriend to get herself out of a relationship where she was being constantly cheated on. Say the fucker cheating on her even flaunted his new catch in front of her and all her friends (much to her embarrassment). Then the girlfriend decides to take him back out of desperation despite all his dishonesty, and tells him about all your advice to dump him. He then blows up and threatens to kill you and also chop up the body of another friend who also encouraged her to dump him. The girlfriend, now happy to have her cheating bf back (some women are gluttons for abuse), says nothing in defense of you or other friends who encouraged her to leave him. So death threats and graphic descriptions of mutilation from the cheating bf continue as she stays disturbingly silent. At this point the girlfriend is no longer a friend of yours because she obviously hasn't a clue what a friend is if she sells you out after you spend countless hours being her informant and counsellor.

Now fast forward. It's been a year but nonetheless there were no apologies for the death threats or his threats to cut up bodies etc. Now your own real friends, if they were really good friends, would be out to have this guy's head on a stick, no? Well one of my so-called friends still hangs out with this motherfucker and he and the stupid gf are at his bday right now. What's worse, my other so-called good friends and BF! are at the party too, probably making small talk (and pretending nothing happened) with that psycho and his stupid chump of a gf right now. Tell me would you not consider it disrespectful of your friends to make nice nice with a guy who threatened (literally) to mutilate you and another close friend? If anyone fucked with a close friend of mine, I'd have their head and there's nothing else to it. I wouldn't go pretending nothing happened, that is for damned sure. Why are people so concerned with not ruffling feathers? Learn to cut bait for Christ's sake. You don't have to be friends with everyone on this God damn planet.

Lesson learned, fuck helping people. They don't appreciate it and you just get fucked in the end anyways. As for "friends" hanging out with people who threaten to kill you? Guess loyalty and respect are no longer virtues. Those two are at the top of my list but not everyone else's apparently. If respect and loyalty aren't at the top of your list, don't ever consider yourself a friend of mine. I don't take part in superficial friendships.

Anyways, now I'm at home doing buttfuck nothing by myself while my "friends" and "bf" are out at the bday party of the so-called friend who hangs out with a guy I really should've reported to the police last year after the 10+ emails threatening my life. Yeah I never come out the winner in a difficult situation. I have a newfound appreciation for people who deliberately remain friendless.


Anonymous said...

i would be upset too if that happened to me. i can understand if it's something smaller but threatening your life?! that's one serious business. i feel sorry for the gf that stayed with the cheating psycho because she's willingly trapped in her own little hell.


PKD said...

Beloved is he who sits down.

Van said...

To be honest, I'm glad she's trapped in her own little hell. She used me to dig up dirt on what her bf was doing behind her back and then sold out on me without another word. She deserves him. I hope he cheats on her some more.

Van said...
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Mr. Syndromes said...

I'm generally one who likes to stay out of the middle of friend feuds, but yah, I don't think i'd continue being friends with anyone threatening to mutilate or otherwise chop up people o_O That's some freaky ass shit! Only reason I could see them still being friends with him is if they for some reason didn't believe your side of the story (that he said that stuff).

Have you talked to your friends about it and how it makes you feel and pick their brain about it? I'd be curious what they have to say.

Oh, and sorry, I have to say, linking to the profiles is tacky. That's like dating someone and posting nudes of them out on the internet to make them look like shit after you break up. Did I look at the profiles? Of course :) I want to know if any axe-murderer types are coming up on my back ;) haha

Van said...

aaaah but you looked. :) I see it more like when women make grass roots efforts at publicizing the names of their rapists. If they're being honest, I'd thank them first, think about "tackiness" later.

Mr. Syndromes said...

Point taken.

New strategy in the discussion!

Why link to the girl? Unless she too threatened to rip out your heart and eat your children or something haha. And if so give me her address and i'll go sick some ninjas on them both!! ( I kid, I kid! )

Mandy said...

sorry, girl. sounds like poop. had i been in town saturday i'd have taken you out for a good old fashioned city party.

***side note

yeah, xanga annoys me too. i'm having problems making my eblogger site work. will you help me?


i think you have all kids of balls to post their pics. after all, i can only assume many of those second degree pissing you off people occasionally frequent this site. hopefully, they don't tip off ol' psycho. probably, yr friends are just worried about this stupid girl, and hoping to help her out.