long long weekend

Thursday was US Thanksgiving so we headed over to Johnny's for a potluck for all of us orphaned Canadians here. Boy did we end up with a lot of food, my stockpot full of homemade mac and cheese with bacon and smoked ham didn't help. Other dishes included crab, mushroom risotto, fish wraps, turkey of course, stuffing, candied yams, and pumpkin pie. Yummy. I gave thanks for having friends who know how to cook.

The next morning we headed up to Tahoe in a huge pimp mobile (GMC Envoy) rented by Songco and Denny. Somehow we got cursed by the bad traffic fairies because we sat on a one lane freeway for about 1/2 an hour as they cleared some huge accident that stopped traffic going both ways. I think we left at 2pm and got there at 8:30 or so. Cecil had left two hours after us and mysteriously beat us there by about 1/2 an hour. Go figure. I still don't believe people can get to Tahoe in 3.5 hours. That must be a myth. Luckily Denny's Me First and the Gimme Gimmes CD saved the day. Actually that link is not to the particular CDs we had in the car but the mp3 on that page gives you a taste of what they're about. They sing songs from the last 3 to 4 decades including "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and "Nothing Compares to You" really really fast with a punk flavour. It's really hilarious.

Anyways we finally arrived at James' cabin, had a huge buffet at Harrahs, and gambled. Well they did. I'm poor. Simon won enough to cover the trip for both of us minus twenty bucks or so. The next morning there was a big snow storm (would've been nice if it happened the day before) which shut down roads and several lifts and gondolas. That sucked. You can't really maneuver when there's too much snow in big messy mounds and there's wind pelting snow at your face in subzero temperatures. I was wet to the bone and freezing my ass off by lunch so we took the shuttle back after lunch. First time I was the first of a group to get off a mountain but I was getting cramps in my legs from the cold and dampness and shitty conditions and getting maybe a couple hours sleep the night before didn't help my mood or stamina. I was getting annoyed by the huge crowds and the stupid design of the runs and stuff too. Oh well. It was still kinda fun to be in the company of friends in someplace different.

Guess the highlights of the trips were playing games in the car and generally getting out of the city to hang out with good friends and eat huge amounts of fatty fooods shamelessly. Coming back was nothing short of hell (aside from more fun game playing in the car). We left Tahoe at 6pm or so. It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to travel 15 miles. The hold up? Idiots pulling over to get chains put on and then (15 miles later) taken off. We stopped in Sacramento for dinner with Denny's sister (Denny with lighter skin and long hair) for about an hour at Elephant Bar but still didn't get home til 1:30 am. So minus the dinner, it still took over 6 and a half hours to get back. In that time we could've driven fromVancouver to Whistler (AND back, ie roundtrip) three and a half times, or flown to Vancouver from SF and driven up to Whistler (with time to spare). I dunno. I think I'm going to be a snob and only snowboard at Whistler and local Vancouver mountains from now on (unless I find money to get to Utah or Colorado). Tahoe is just too much trouble for a really mediocre mountain with ridiculously unpredictable conditions. Maybe we can make our next road trip someplace warm.


head dump said...

oh no, that was an aweful impression of Heavenly for you. I wish you came over to the Nevada side with us. It might have cleared your memory of that crazy morning. (or it might have just froze your brain)

head dump said...
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tine said...

Take me to Whistler with you!

Seriously though, going to Tahoe has never been that much hell for me ever! We'll have to try going again to redeem Tahoe's reputation..

Out of Utah or Colorado, I'd definitely hit up Utah. It's a lot more economical and there's the country's best massage therapy school in SLC that you can go to on Sunday ($25/hour).

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Sisca, Tine's friend... *shake hands* I was just on her site and was curious to read your version of the weekend, haha. Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure! Anyways, I wanted to post something to first, say hello and introduce myself. Hi! (have we met yet, btw?) and second, you definitely should save your money and come out to Utah! *smile* Yah, I currently live out here, but it's got some bomb ass snow! Plus, like Tine said, the best part is massages on the weekend for only $25! ($20 if you're a "student" *wink²*) I just completed the massage program there. So when she comes out here to visit, you should come, also! Oh yah, I love Whistler, too! =Þ

jenn said...

yup, i have to say whistler is the best.

we'll have to head up once you get here... still bloody expensive but the drive up, the mountain, the snow...all good.

I prefer the summer activities up at whistler tho...

not a big fan of cold