It doesn't rain much here but when it does it comes down in buckets and people on the highways don't slow down and find themselves in 5 car pile ups. I would like to not be at the bottom of one of these pile ups, so pleeeeease slow down!

Speaking of rain, I've booked my flight home. Dec 19th to Jan 9th. Goals include snowboarding as much as possible, seeing friends, eating sushi, renewing my passport, and avoiding those organically enhanced brownies and cookies from hell.


whatupwilly said...

wow...that is a fabulously long trip home. i sadly think i'll only be back in the 604 for 3-4 days.

so what do you think Van..any chance of reviving a scaled down "No place like home" event this year?

Van said...

yeah i'm working on something for 12/22 because some of my friends have to go back to Victoria between 24th and new years. when will you be back? I can do a repeat event after Xmas. Prolly will say something like, we'll be at Jupiter Lounge from 9pm onwards, meet us there!

ceaz said...

I think I'm going to head back either on the 17th, 18th or 19th. I haven't decided when I'll be coming back to SF yet so that's why I haven't bought my tickets.

But let's definitely go boarding! Hopefully there's no friggen snow storm in the city like last year.

Ben said...

I'm planning to be back a little earlier than you, but also hightailing it out of Vancouver a little earlier as well -- I'll be gone before New Years. Thinking about Dec 10 to Dec 28 or something like that.

Definitely a "No Place Like Home" would be great!