In TO for Simon's friends wedding this weekend. Somehow Yahoo says it was only 25 degrees C today but the humidity made it feel more like 35 (that's in the 90s for the Americans). Toronto has grown to be a big happenin' city. Lots of lounges, restaurants, and more clubs than I could imagine. SF seems bigger on neighbourhood bars and dives. I guess there's a big population of young people in TO to create the demand for nightclubs. Anyways back to this weather. I have not broken out like this since I was in grade 7. I normally have pretty cooperative skin so I left my trusty little tube of Murad zit cream at home. But holy crap do I regret it. Also, people tend to say hot weather makes people lose weight. I am living proof that the opposite is possible. Places we go to eat tend to have a/c so I eat normally, perhaps a little more in quantity (and fat) since we're going out a lot. But once I'm back in the heat I go into slow mo so I don't burn the calories. In a day or two, my pants have gotten tight and I'm growing a gut. But going to the Royal Ontario Museum tomorrow so I'm excited about that.

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