I have 7 days to finish a really big project for my summer credits so this will be my quick bullet pointed summary of Toronto highlights and lowlights:

  • eating bouillabaisse at Marche (Movenpicks) - awesome seafood soup they make right in front of you
  • eating his parents' home cookin'
  • meeting all of Simon's friends and checking out some of the clubs and lounges
  • reuniting with Angela, a girl I knew from gymnastics when I was little (she was the friend of a friend's sister and was stopping in TO en route to Vancouver)
  • eating hot dogs on the street in the middle of the night
  • shopping Queen street (think Haight or Granville with more boutique shops and less of the used clothing ones), reminded me a lot of the shops in Montreal
  • Beer Market
  • seeing the inside of Lucid Club which used to be Playdium, now a ridiculously large and beautifully decorated club. we went on a dead Thursday night but Simon's friend Nigel (DJ Sin) was spinning some really good old school 80s (i.e. mix of DM, Madonna, Prince, Rick Astley, etc)


  • Royal Ontario Museum had closed its Asian and Egyptian exhibits to build this monstrous ugly modern extension to its once beautiful historic building (photos to come)
  • initial unbearably humid weather
  • traffic from Caribana
  • catching a fish and having it get away while we were up at Hastings
  • coming out of a bathroom at Pearl Lounge, not finding my friends, figuring it would make most sense to meet them outside, getting locked in some stairwell while looking for an exit, then tripping and falling OUT of an exit door down two steps onto my ass in a lane as the door slams shut with one of my shoes behind it, then walking through the lane drunk with one shoe on and asking the bouncer for help retrieving my shoe (in front of a big line of club goers)

photos and details to follow next week after I finish my work and clean up our place.

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