what the hell

I don't like this blogger nav bar because all of a sudden my page looks shitty like this crap up top and my custom coloured scroll bars are gone. What did they do to my site and how do I fix this. Grrrr.


Seff said...

i agree. that damn nav bar fucking sucks. ironically i found your blog using the 'next blog' option. oh well.

not like you would be but:


if you are interested.

in the words of allen ginsberg:


Ben said...

It's not so bad, Van.

Interestingly, I think Blogger actually tries to make their bar match something on your page -- perhaps a bgcolor tag or something. On mine, it's a different colour than yours -- kind of works with my blue-grey theme. On yours, it's the tan / beige colour, which is in your scrollbar and sidebar background. Actually, now that I look at it, I think it uses the dark blue as a default, and only has a different colour when you've specified something else for it to go on. Maybe? I dunno.

Van said...

u can choose the tool bar colour. but i dont want a tool bar. oh well

Candy said...

I much prefer the Blogger bar over the unsightly Google ads.

They must be trying for some more sense of community with the "next blog" stuff.

Andre said...

In my opinion, this navbar was made only for the templates that they had in the blogger... and if you use another template... strange things happens!!! And another problem is that they put only four colours to change... and no one match with your pink blog! We can see the other side: I found your blog with this nav bar. And this is increasing the visitations in every blogs... it's ao easy to navigate and see random bogs... There are bad and good sides of this navbar!!!