good stuff

Hooray for Blogger tech support. They pointed to my own faulty code for the crap that was showing up on my page, but then, my page was fine 'til they added that nav bar that I am beginning to get used to. But they were fast. And it must be a small office cuz the rep also passed along a hi from Tineybopper. So hi back to ya!

Anyways, stitches are out, mole was benign, got our tix for Now and Zen and booked our room for our upcoming bday getaway to Cache Creeke Casino. Was a semi-productive day.

Oh yeah, Clara is in town, tonight til 30th. What is going on the next two weekends?


ceaz said...

I don't know what's going on the next couple of weekends.. Actually I don't know what's gone on the last couple of weekends! Well I think I'm healthy enough to go out again....... :D

Van said...

Yay, me and you are off the injured list. I'll try not to plan any plane flying or scuba excursions

tine said...

*wave* glad the template problem was fixed! =)