don't like match.com?

Try conservativematch.com! I had to collect a list of conservative media web sites to balance out the readings for that media lit class and low and behold, a big huge banner ad for conservativematch.com, "not simply another dating site...a real community of people who share conservative values." I was overcome with curiosity and had to do a quick search to see if everyone on it was white, carrying a big gun, and from outside of California, perhaps more towards the south and midwest. Unfortunately you don't see the photos 'til you join but, yup, no Californians in the preview list there. But they do provide a nice quote from Rush Limbaugh, "...despite the liberal lads you've been dating, there is hope out there." Yeehaw!


Anonymous said...

was just wondering: if we go directly into dating, where does the friendship phase fit into that? After the dating, I hear some say? Well, I believe it should come before the dating period. Because once we are dating, we are already assuming that we have romantic feelings for each other. But these are not based on reality; how do you get to see the 'real' him/her in his/her natural settings? That is why the friendship stage is important. Otherwise, we are disillusioned by our own perceptions and we are disappointed when we finally see the true face of our significant other. By this time, it will be too late; the hurt has been done, after all the energy and intimacy we've invested in that relationship.

so i'm wondering whether those online dating services really work?

i recommend "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris :)

Van said...

I know more than a handful of people who have forged both friendships and relationships using match.com.