all done

I gotta hand it to people in the medical field, even self-proclaimed "cushy" dermatologists. They do stuff that really grosses me out. Warning: the remainder of this post is graphic.

So the mole came off today so I thought I'd share the experience for others who might have to undergo the procedure, or who are just curious in a sick way. They laid me down and covered me up in sheets of paper like at the dentist, presumably to catch blood spurting out. So by this time I'm shitting myself. Nurse came in with a tray of instruments and a release form that says I agree that I may experience bleeding, infection and scarring. Great, that made me feel better. A needle was used to inject local anesthetic next to my nose. That kinda hurt, more than the "pinch" they said it would, and it took forever to inject fully. But it totally numbed the area and I didn't feel anything when he did the test poke. He then used a pen shaped cookie cutter like instrument and kinda stamped out and plucked out the mole and, I think, used scissors to snip it off. Then came the frantic gauze-to-face to stop the bleeding. Didn't feel a thing but it was really...weird. Then came the suturing. I didn't feel that either but it was really weird to see him pulling at the thread and watching my nose and cheek get pulled this way and that. That also seemed to take forever but he assured me that he wanted to make it "beautiful" so I wouldn't scar and the little line left would just tuck in next to my nose. Then the nurse slapped a dab of polysporin (not neosporin) on it, covered it with gauze and put this big bandaid (like the type for when you scrape your knee) right over it across my face. I was expecting a fancy small see-through bandaid, but nope, just a big plain bandaid. And that was it. Now it aches like a toothache. Will let you know how it heals and the biopsy results. Most likely negative I'm told. Stitches come out in 7 days so I'll have to look like Frankenstein for a little while.

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jenn said...

so it's gone then?
no more mole...

how do you feel now when you look in the mirror?