RIP Lucky hamster

Today Simon got a call from a coworker who went into his cube to feed Lucky, his office hamster. He said Lucky had either passed away or had fallen into an extremely deep sleep. Rest in peace dear friend. Lucky was born in May 2004 and was given a second chance at life. A coworker's cat had come home to show off a prize. She walked into the house and spat out a tiny rodent. It was a baby and its eyes had probably just opened that week. Ruslan scooped up the baby and realized that it was a hamster and not a mouse (no tail). Not sure how a hamster ends up in reach of an outdoor cat but it did. Simon adopted the baby as his office pet and named her Lucky for obvious reasons. Despite traumatic beginnings she was very tame. Here are some photos taken of her the week we got her. Her eyes aren't really that red (only when we used flash).

So the big question is, who in the office is going to take care of burying the body? He's not back in the office until Monday and these things sorta can't wait.


Egan said...

I'm not much of a rodent fan, but I'm sure the little bugger meant something special to you. My condolences.

Martijn said...

Is that a baby hamster?

It's got red eyes on the photograph! Why did you decide to grow a hamster?

Best regards,
Martijn Fransen

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Mr. Syndromes said...

Aww, I miss my old rat Groucho now :(

Sail on Lucky!

Tashiwa said...

Did Lucky get a proper memorial?