I have a major project to do. My master's thesis which has been in the works for a couple semesters now mostly because I had too much going on, partly because I'm easily distracted with other personal projects. Today I decided to waste time by learning about all the neighbourhoods in Seattle and mapping their distance to the UW campus. After that, I started doing calculations of whether it's better to rent or own, given that there is some cheap real estate there (though I realize I have a very distorted idea of what a good deal is after living in the Bay Area in a rented 2/1 35-year-old shack that costs over a half million bucks). Anyways, I'm not done with that and I'm sure I'll waste more time on it now that I've discovered zillow.com. My final time waster of the day was this web page I just wrote and added Google ads to. Yes it's my not-so-quick-and-dirty guide to applying to grad school. I had to put that new found knowledge somewhere. Please enjoy (and give those ads some lovin')

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