It feels weird when Simon's out of town. Kinda like a preview of what's to come of my life when I move away for school (lookin' like 90% chance I'll be going UW in Seattle, more about that below). I don't talk to anyone all day except my hamsters. I dropped a brazil nut on my hamster's head today by accident. Good thing those little critters are agile 'cause brazil nuts are huge. Talking to my students when I tutor is not the same because they're not adults. The 17-year-old comes close but, still, most of the dialog is instructional.

I had a break between sessions today so I decided to grab some dinner instead of waiting until 9pm to eat like usual. I headed to Tapioca Express to get a bento and milk tea and sat alone with a Chinese magazine that I couldn't read. I like to look at the pictures to see what hair styles look good on Asian hair and giggle at their occasional attempts to insert English copy. Eating out alone feels like I'm on business travel. I feel sort of mysterious because most people looking at me probably think I look too young to be on business travel and wonder then why I might be eating alone. My favourite place to dine by my lonesome is at sushi bars where I can watch the sushi chefs work and eavesdrop on random conversations.

Anyways, I'm on a wait list for NYU and have only to hear from York in Toronto. The other two schools I visited are not high on my list for various reasons. But UW is just looking like a real good offer and the emails I've exchanged with faculty and students have so far emitted a rather positive vibe. I'll also be getting better health care than I currently have and also dental and vision (and boy do I need to get my eyes and teeth checked...I'm loooong overdue). Flights back to SF are often on sale for $129 and it only takes 2 hours to fly here or 2 hours to drive to Vancouver. But still, this change is going to be hard.


Ben said...

Wow, good luck with the school stuff. It's tough to (1) move to a new place, (2) start brand new at school and socially, and (3) move away from your SO. I'm sure it will all work out for you, and kudos on following an academic topic that you like!

And if memory serves, the brazil nut isn't actually a nut at all: I think it's actually a seed. But I'd have to check that flashback what-if episode of Friends to be sure.

D.T. said...

Sounds to me like you need to join a bookclub or something. Something that involves a lot of people, yet you really dont have to become good friends with them to talk to them, you know? And even if you dont make a friend from the bookclub, you'll better yourself with knowledge which is always good.

head dump said...

Or you can come running with me when you're bored. There won't be much talking there either, but it might be psychologically healthier than talking to pets.

I'm already starting to miss you just by reading your blogs.

Van said...

Unfortunately, I have no lack of things to do and need the solitude to get it done. Thanks for the offer though Head Dump (btw, I saw your business' ad with your smiling fact in the newspaper)

Egan said...

We've chatted a bit about this, Seattle is a great place. I'm sure it will be tough to be away from the S.O., but you will adapt. I have nothing, but glowing words for my alma mater. If you need anything or having any questions about Seattle, I will gladly help.

I love tapioca, yes I do.