BC ferry

Holy cow, one of those big huge BC Ferries sunk. Despite being a decent swimmer, I hate open waters. I don't like to be too far from shore, even with a life jacket and a jet ski. However, I did always feel safe on BC Ferries. They are huge. You drive your car onboard and there are over a hundred cars on the bottom floor and all the folks get out of their cars and hang out upstairs where there's a cafeteria and arcade and lots of seating. We used to take them over to Victoria or Cowichan or wherever we were going. I loved taking the ferry because the clam chowder is tasty and it was beautiful to look out at the water in the day time. But I'm not so sure I feel comfortable getting on one of those ferries again.

In other news, there was an earthquake here yesterday. I was at school in the basement of the creative arts building with my laptop when a friend IM'd me asking "did you feel that?" That reminded me of the time I was working in SFin 2001 and that Seattle earthquake hit. My geographically challenged father emailed me to ask if I felt that because it easily shook homes in Vancouver. Anyways, the one here yesterday was in the eastbay and though I was closer to it, I didn't feel it. Two friends working from San Mateo felt a good shake though. I like little shakes, they make me feel like the earth is just stretching so that it doesn't have to pitch a big fit all at once.

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D.T. said...

Well thank God you're still alive and not crushed under some debis.

As for the BC ferry, it's like that horse analogy where you fall off and get back on. You should do that. Dont be afraid. Of course if I ever fell off a horse, I'm calling Jacoby and Meyers.