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So upon returning to Chicago, Dean, my presentation buddy from my school, and I parted ways and he had quite an adventure with a bunch of people he met through friends of friends. The JA connection is quite something, I tell ya. You gotta read about his weekend. Oh and there's pics of me presenting at the conference too.

Man my day was dramatic. I had one crying student in my writing lab and soon after that, the crazy union bitch who yelled at me last year came back. She didn't remember who I was and tried to get me to sign up for the union again. I politely said "no thanks" while she sat down and made herself comfortable. She replies, "Well, why not?" I'm thinking 'cause you already take a chunk out of my paycheck, I haven't benefitted in any way yet from this unionization thing, I'm out of here in a few months, and I'm too selfish to care, pay for, or fight for someone else's battle. But I replied, "I just don't want to and don't want to discuss it." She comes back with, "I don't understand why you wouldn't. Is there a reason why you're not signing up? There's no reason why you shouldn't." This time she refrained from yelling at me and left with a "fine." Good thing I got her out of the room in record time before I reached out and wrung her neck.

Anyways, it's time for me to pack up again. Going to Irvine tomorrow for a campus visit. The grad students there are taking us out for breakfast at Newport beach. Woohoo. I'm loving this VIP treatment from prospective schools. Somewhere in between I really need to be writing my damn thesis. Blog friends, sorry I haven't been commenting. I confess I've barely been reading but I'm dying to catch up once things settle down!

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Mr. Syndromes said...

Life waits for no one. Blogs can wait for everyone ;)

Glad you're having a good time :) Nice pic of you breathing invisible steam too ;)

Have fun in the land of anteaters and if you and the man are feeling saucy and want to meetup, lemme know. I'm not too far from UCI :)