kinda chilly

After traveling to Chicago where -2 C feels like -10 with the windchill, I'm handling the unseasonably cold weather here quite well. There was actually a dusting of snow in Sausalito over the weekend that caused two deaths as 28 cars piled atop each other on the 101 heading south toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently it was raining one second and snowey and slick the next. That's pretty crazy.

What sucks for me is that there is no damn heat in our place right now. All sorts of shit fell apart over the Christmas holidays, e.g. our furnace breaking down and then our screen door ripping right off its hinges in a wind/rainstorm. Our landlord birthed twins around this time and we haven't really bugged her to get this stuff fixed because a screen door serves little purpose and we don't usually need heat in Foster City. But, damn, it's getting a little chilly in the mornings which makes it even tougher to crawl out of bed. I think it's time for a friendly reminder before my hamsters' heartrates slow and they slip into hibernation/coma. Meanwhile in Toronto it's really warm. I tell you it's the coming of the apocalypse.

OK gotta make dinner for one (Simon's in TO) and watch 24 on Tivo. BTW, did you know you can stream music from Tivo now? Pretty awesome.


D.T. said...

Or maybe you should move to somewhere warmer...I'm telling you...if Arizona doesnt get any snow or rain anytime soon, this heatwave will kill me!

Egan said...

*if you have a Tivo box, not one provided by DirecTV. Satellite TiVO boxes can't send signals in both directions like cable can.

Do you know the 30 second cheat code?

Van said...

ah, we do not have satellite. just regular old cable. and I just figured out the cheat code. thank you!!

Egan said...

The cheat code rules.

P.S. Van, do you think you need the Word Verification if you have Comment Moderation enabled? Just a thought.