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I finally got around to adding the who links to me thingy to my blog template (below the Rice Bowl Journals logo) and discovered that someone who posted an article on online writing linked to my post on the grammar epidemic. http://magazines.fasfind.com/wwwtools/m/2653.cfm (scroll down to language, usability, and learning). Cool huh?

So here in Vancouver we're up to 23 consecutive days of rain. The rain started the day I arrived in Vancouver. If the rain keeps up until the day I leave (next Tuesday), we will have set a new rainfall record for consecutive days of rain. Why do the gods hate me so? My regular readers and friends know that I HATE RAIN.

So we're up to 138 signatures on the Spencer Gifts petition and while it's still getting passed around, I really need people to repost this issue on their sites. AngryAsianMan, AsianMediaWatch and AsianMediaWatchDog -- I need your help!? I most certainly cannot turn in a petition with only a hundred some odd signatures. I haven't even heard back from Spencer Gifts. Typically those companies will at least send some generic "we're sorry you're pissed" type email, but no nothing nada. I also have yet to hear from media. So please link to http://vanessa_au.blogspot.com/2006/01/boycott-spencer-gifts.html and keep up the pressure.

OK gotta get back to my thesis. It dawned on me that I have to present some version of it at that conference in Illinois in early March. That's two months. TWO MONTHS. Crap.


Eunice said...

From what I hear, it's been raining like that in the Bay Area too, so I guess that's mother nature's way of not letting you miss out.

Egan said...

Sorry Van, but I can't help but to chuckle since I know how much you hate rain. This wet streak we're in right now is crazy. It is day 24 today. Sorry, I don't mean to giggle in your direction, but the coincidence is rather funny.

Van said...

hehe at this point it's so bad it's funny. It's actually increased my tolerance for wet weather. I think I'll even deal better with it when I'm back in Cali (where, yes, it is also raining!)