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Yesterday was hockey day in Canada and what a glorious one it was. I feel for the Russian team. They are good. They deserved the one goal they scored that wasn't seen by the linesman and had the score been 5-4, I would've felt really guilty...but it was 5-0. And so I say WOOHOO TEAM CANADA!! Leafs fans, you guys are so lucky to get Pogge! I also watched a bit of the Canucks-Blackhawks (terrible team name) game but I'm mad at the Canucks right now so I turned it off even though we were winning.

After the games, I headed out to Guu Gastown for authentic cooked Japanese food, tapas style. It was tasty though not as good, in my opinion, as Guu Robson. Then over to Subeez, an old favorite, for drinks. Aside from a birthday Saturday night I have no plans for the weekend but would love to catch some local theatre and this Korean film over at the Pacific Cinematheque but I have a feeling I'll be hardpressed to find someone to accompany me since everyone else wants to see Narnia :( bleh. I need new friends to catch theatre and indie/international flicks with. Anyone? Might also trek up to Whistler on Sunday. Maybe, we'll see.

I've got 2 more weeks here which I should be spending on my thesis and some reading but it's tough to focus when I'm working on this Spencer Gifts campaign and praying (to whatever Gods are out there) for snow on the local mountains. Anyways, the campaign, the other key focus of my time right now, is going well. There are over 100 signatures on the petition and many people have forwarded my email to their friends so keep it up! AngryAsianMan, AsianMediaWatch, AsianMediaWatchdog, ModelMinority -- when are you guys going to repost on your sites? Please help!

Special thanks to the following for their efforts:

Brought up this campaign with a legal association

Jun Zuniga:
posted this on several APIA oriented boards and forwarded the email notice to AsianWeek, Audrey, and AAmovementZine, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Please keep up the communications, blast those newsgroups, repost on your blogs, and point people to http://vanessa_au.blogspot.com/2006/01/boycott-spencer-gifts.html until there's a better home for this campaign (if I use my own domain I'll have to pay for bandwidth overages for sure and, well, I'm POOR!)

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