I'm back

Sorry for the blog break. Getting back into town last week was hectic. House needed cleaning, hamsters needed cleaning, bills had to get paid, and I needed to go out and bask in the glorious sunshine. I've turned comments back on but for now they're going to be moderated because I'm kind of sick of seeing my blog turned into a rant fest for a bunch of bozos.

Anyways, a little over a month until I head to Champaign, IL to present my yet-to-be-written paper. Taking one day in between flights to visit Chicago increased my airfare (paid by my school) by $200 so I think I'm going to take Amtrak ($17) from Champaign up to Chicago for my lone day of sight seeing. That way my flight stays under $400 and my department chair wont freak out. So what are the must-sees for a one day trip in the windy city? And where the hell do you check in a piece of luggage for a day so I don't haul it around with me? I hear there is a check in at Amtrack Union Station but I'm not sure. Anyways, I'm excited and it's actually motivating me to work on this paper.

Today's election day in Canada. According to the local news, there are indications that Bush's church groups sent up helpers for Tory leader Stephen Harper. Several ridings like Coquitlam, Richmond etc are backed by the churches. For all those Americans who joked about moving to Canada when Bush was elected...what do you do now when Bush's wannabe becomes Prime Minister? I guess you move to Sweden or somthing. Well hope is not all lost. Vote Liberal. Layton is wonderfully presentable and the best I've seen come out of the NDP, but (among other issues not worth mentioning) he won't have enough to win and would just take votes away from the anti-Conservative effort. You know, the same reason why you don't vote Green.


ceaz said...

Welcome back Van! Hope to see everyone soon once my year end audits are done.. I haven't seen anyone since December.

Check in your luggage at a major hotel. Depending on the hotel, you either pay a small fee ($5) or just need to tip the bellperson (or not). They generally never ask if you actually stay at the hotel.

James said...

Definitely get some chicago deep dish pizza!