finally back

I'm finally back in the Bay Area. We came so damn close to setting that rain record. Apparently the weather station where they check for rain is located at the Vancouver Airport and on Sunday it didn't rain there (it rained elsewhere that day, like my house, but not there). If a few drops had landed at the airport, we'd have broken that 28 day record. For all that pain, you'd expect some sort of prize at the end but nope, it rained every day of my 28 day stay in Vancouver. Yay for me.

But there are things that I miss in Vancouver: Not doing laundry, not making dinner most days, good cheap sushi (how do you beat $6.95 for lunch?), hockey on TV every single damn day, hockey coverage on the news, funny commercials, Whistler. But there are also things I don't miss: twin bed that I or my blankets fall off of each night, parents making comments about everything I do (including going to bed late, getting up late, going out late, etc.), living deep in the suburbs separated from downtown by a maze of side streets because we don't have a decent highway system, no Tivo, and the damn rain.

On an unrelated note, check out this ACLU Pizza video. With the Bush administration demanding records from Google, it's not too far fetched.

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