Anonymous said...

Just tell me where to sign/direct my letter.

Jun said...

Hey Jong, I wanted to say, good job finding the shirts at Spencer Gifts. Something is coming, I think, in response to this Adam Corolla thing.

Cree394 said...

Hi Jun,

I waited anxiously for the airing of the Asian Excellence Award and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Lucy Liu's speech. The overall award show was an excellent beginning to what I hope is a long airing of a program, that lets America and world know, the beauty, value and contributions of the Asian community. I was extremely proud and impressed. :-)

To have Adam Corolla produce his satire about the showed his extreme ignorance and lack of respect for the dignity and worth of the Asian community. To say I was angry was an understatement. But, as Lucy Liu said, action is more key. So, if you know of a petition going around, let me know. In the meanwhile, I'll be calling the radio station.

There was an old poem that came out of the Hitler era. It talked about not standing up for various groups when an aggressor came for them. It ended with stating that when the aggressor came for the author of the poem, there was no one left to stand up for him/her.
Stuff like this IS everyone's problem. I'm more than willing to stand with the Asian community.