hanging out with kids

So last night was a good time. We had some eats at Steamworks and then made our way over to Shine for the second to last '80s night called White Lies. Tragically, they are going to stop throwing this party and next time I visit I'll have to go find another party that plays '80s.

Anyways, it was a renunion of sorts with some friends we haven't hung out with in years. I tend to like to call everyone out when I'm here to catch up and stuff. We danced our asses off. So a friend of mine, we'll call him O, is sorta seeing this 21 year old on the side whom we'll call C.

O is 31 but very very young at heart. O was catching up with my good friend Mandy and I since we used to hang out pretty regularly especially the summer of 1997 when C was, well, 12 and in elementary school. Back then we were partying 3 nights a week or more, without fail. O is still partying 3+ nights a week but that's another story. So O was chatting with Mandy and I and C wanted him to dance with her. Engrossed in conversation, he told her he would later. She stood there for a while and then all of a sudden she picked up her cocktail glass and threw it at him. The contents of the glass landed all over O, while the glass itself smashed on the glass table top. C stormed off onto the dancefloor and picked up the first single guy she saw there. She danced with him for a while as Mandy and I laughed hysterically at O and the shit he has to put up with when he dates kids. I don't think our out-of-control laughing was C's intended effect and I'm sure that infuriated her more. Anyways, C comes up with a plan to make O jealous, thereby getting back at him for talking to us old ladies. She grabs some innocent dude she met on the dancefloor, brings him back to the table and announces to all of us, "isn't he hot?"

Innocent dude is dumbfounded at this point. He says to O, "is she with you?" Yes, he replies. Innocent dude looks like he feels totally stupid in this situation because C had picked him up and brought him to a table to show her date and his friends. Uh, WTF?? He shakes O's hand, apologizes (even though it was that dumb bitch C's fault), then comes back with water for Mandy and I as if to remedy the awkward situation that C created. Mandy gets up to explain to innocent dude what had transpired in the mere minutes before he got dragged over to our table like a piece of meat and tells him he's very much a gentleman for shaking hands and buying us water and all those nice gestures. Innocent men, I apologize in advance on behalf of all women, for the actions of stupid little girls like C. We're not all like that and girls like that serve only to make the rest of us look bad.

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