For the first time in a long while I did not have a costume for Halloween. Actually I didn't really have a Halloween. No time, no money, nothing to do and several papers to write. Kinda sucks. I like Halloween too. There wasn't much going on at school either. I guess midterms and then getting drunk Halloween night is about all that is on the minds of the undergrads. I saw more staff/admin in costumes than I saw students. Best costume of the day was a woman's chihuahua with an awesome dinosaur costume made of green felt with big spikes all the way down the tail.


Egan said...

Do you have two one dollar bills? Then you can afford a costume.

#1: Tape a one dollar bill to each ear and you have an instant costume.

Buck and ear = buccaneer.

#2: tie a mouse trap around your neck and position to hang between your two breasts. Boobie trap.

Very cheap costumes.

Van said...

hahahahaha Egan you crack me up. And I still need to take you out for coffee sometime for all the great Seattle advice.

Egan said...

Okay, we can meet up for coffee. Don't mind me if I'm in costume.