distribution list

For the past couple months I've been part of an email distribution list that announces fun things to do on the weekend in the Seattle area. I've been invited to movies, potlucks at people's homes, concerts and even Thanksgiving dinner. The funny part is I have no idea who the hell these people are. Someone named Caitlin typically sends the emails and I have even clicked on the links to view photos from the events and I definitely don't know these folks. They're about 10 years younger than me and wear a lot of make up. At first I thought it was a nuisance and was going to email Caitlin so she could take me off this damn list. But I forgot to and kept getting these emails. Then the stalker in me found it kinda funny to know what people do on weekends. But the horrible grammar and the way she signs off the emails are getting to me.

e.g. "Don't forget to smile ;0) *Wink*"

Seriously. Is it necessary to type *wink* when the smiley emoticon is already winking? And it makes me want to puke violently when people sign off with some message about smiling. It's just. Lame.

I think I'll hide out on this distribution list a while longer before alerting Caitlin in case they write some more funny shit for me to share on this blog. God, I'm such an asshole!


Robyn said...

ew. this sounds very ew.
you're not an asshole. you just hve a brain.

Egan said...

LOL ;)

yournamehere said...

I can't stand emoticons. They should have them giving the finger.

Van said...

hehe ok I'm going to lurk on this list a bit longer then. More annoying excerpts from the emails to come.

Ben said...

Haha, that's funny. Do they ever have anything interesting to say, though?

Haha, LOL, roflmao ;-)

Mike said...

HA! That sounds like an awesome source of blog fodder!