So I tend to cite Gerbner's mean world syndrome and Cultivation Theory when people start worrying that it's not safe to walk alone, be out at night, drive alone etc etc. Last night I walked home down some dark streets alone and nothing happened to me and the chances of anything happening are not high.

However, that said, this kinda hits close to home. Two shootings on Greek Row at my university last night. Those hit were bystanders in their 20s, I'm guessing students.

I guess one could also say, it never hurts to take precautions. Maybe I should stop tempting fate and doing stuff like walking around in the dark by myself.


Egan said...

Wow, I didn't hear about any of this violence in our fair city.

Van, I think it's foolish for any woman to walk around alone at night. I love my city, but I'm not naive. There are many crazy men waiting to prey on innocent women. At the very least, walk with someone else or walk on well traveled streets like 15th or 25th.

Walking through campus alone at night can be rather scary. Especially when streetlights randomly go on and off like they do on campus.

Van said...

I know I'm bad. I'm really brave that way for some reason. Probably kinda stupid.