What the hell is up with the city of Seattle? We're on day three of this weather and the sidewalks and side streets are still covered with ice and there is not a speck of salt or sand to be found. I have to literally skate in my running shoes to and from the bus stop and this is on a busy main street that is well traveled by pedestrians. I saw old women shuffling along on the ice with a cane in hand. Don't tax dollars go to things like salting roads and sidewalks so that people don't fucking kill themselves getting around? I thought BC was short on salt trucks and snow clearing resources but this is far far worse. I feel like bringing my own damn salt. I'm also going to complain of my own stupidity. I was vaccuuming and a corner of my 400 fucking thread count duvet cover got sucked into the vaccuum and now there is a big charred hole in the corner. Fuck, I guess I could stitch it up but my sewing machine is in SF.


Robyn said...

that is ridiculous! i've been on uncleared roads like when i drove home after night classes, but other than that... well i guess i get up late and roads are always cleared before morning traffic. that sounds really dangerous and i'm sure someone will sue.

very sad about your duvet. :(
(i believe this is appropriate use of emoticon. although it is a little redundant...)

Van said...

someone in visual rhetoric should do a thesis on redundancy in emoticon use hahaha