So despite what I see as rather limited use-value of www.twitter.com I've been using it because I can see what K is up to (design people seem to be addicted to it) and it also allows me to update my Facebook status from IM. However, it puts the "is Twittering:" prefix on my Facebook status. When my cousin saw this he IM'd me:

(12:10:16 PM) cousin: hey .. whats new? what does "twittering" mean??
(12:10:26 PM) me: www.twitter.com for updates that auto update facbeook too
(12:10:47 PM) cousin: oooh.
(12:10:54 PM) cousin: shoot i thought it was the urbandictionary defn of twitter
(12:11:08 PM) cousin: "the place between the twat and the shitter.."

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