Those of you who lean right ought to be reminded that one of the Republican candidates is a guy who was convinced by This Hour has 22 Minutes that we needed to put a dome over Canada's National Igloo to protect it from global warming. The awesome Rick Mercer, who hosts the segment "Talking to Americans" even got him on camera saying:
"Hi, I'm Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas wanting to say: `Congratulations, Canada, on preserving your national igloo.'"
And there was even a recent story on it and here is the video itself. I don't think that guy should be running any jurisdiction outside of Arkansas.

Oh and be sure to check out the list of other pranks pulled on the segment "Talking to Americans." They're pretty funny. My favourites:

- asking students and professors at Columbia University to sign a petition asking Canadians to discontinue the practice of abandoning the elderly on ice floes.
- persuading Americans that Canada is getting a five-dollar coin. It would have had a maple leaf on it and it would have been called the "woodie".

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