Here we go again. Dania Furniture, unless they give me some sort of store credit, will soon join U-Haul, Haier, Lowe's, and Comcast on my list of shitty-ass companies with shitty-ass products and/or service.

Dania Furniture
6416 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

January 8, 2008

Dear Dania Furniture,

In October 2006, about 14 months ago, I purchased the Kiel Futon (SKU:M18 NEWKIEL/VE20; Price: $ 349.00) in hopes that it would offer better quality and durability than something from IKEA. The photo on your website shows the one I purchased:

The futon was great the first couple months but after that, we noticed the middle of it sagging.

Within 6 months it looked like this:

Now there is a permanent dent in the middle of the seat as you can see below:

My roommate and I weigh under 110 lbs each and have not done anything extraordinary with the futon that would cause excessive wear and tear. In fact, we are barely ever home to use it. We initially thought that the issue was an uneven flattening of the cushion from sitting in the same spot but we turned the futon over and discovered that the entire wire mesh is sagging because there is no crossbar in the center of the frame to support it, as you can see below. This is an outrageous design flaw that should have prevented the Kiel Futon from ever reaching customers.

It is not at all unrealistic or unreasonable to expect brand new furniture to last more than one year. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the Kiel Futon I purchased from Dania, a store that I thought was at least a couple steps up in quality from IKEA.

I am writing to request an exchange and/or store credit for the Kiel Futon. There are obviously flaws in the design that prevent it from maintaining its structural integrity. At this point, the piece can hardly be considered usable. Unfortunately, it was never my intention to pay $349 plus tax for disposable furniture. Rather, my goal was to invest in something that would serve me for years, not months. I hope you take my request seriously as this experience has begun leave me with doubts about the quality of your merchandise and, in turn, the integrity of Dania Furniture.

Yours sincerely,



Norris said...

You should post your story on www.consumerist.com

Your rant will reach a very big audience and the store will usually follow up with the problem within a few days.

Nate said...

Did Dania resolve this for you?

Fumbling said...

Yup, I should've updated. They let me return it as manufacturer's defect and get either a straight exchange (no thanks) or pay the difference and get a different couch which I did.

DSM said...

Okay, so I'm years behind on this, but cut me some slack, I just found this site. As an avid, Anti-Dania guy, I was touched by this post. I'm glad to hear your situation was resolved, and hope it didn't take too much of your personal time to resolve the situation. My situation with them was so painful and long...should you be curious, feel free to check it out at http://daniascrewedme.blogspot.com.