I am back south of the border and my friends were right, crossing the border after dinner time is the best bet. K and I decided to stop off for a bite and coffee before heading home and happened upon Dineasty Restaurant. Holy cow so good. We just got some noodles and pork/veg dumplings but both were made fresh by hand (yup the noodles and the dumplings) and you got to watch them make it through a huge window into the kitchen. It was cheap too. $7 for 8 dumplings, and a little less for the noodles. Ok I need to get on with my day. Gotta unpack and get some work done, maybe buy some books for next quarter which starts in a week. Overall the Vancouver trip was pretty good. Saw lots of friends (but also missed meeting up with a lot of them too), snowboarded both Whistler and Blackcomb in one day, hung out a lot with my besties, saw my friend's baby nephew, hung out with the parents of some of my friends, spent a little bit of time with cousins but not enough, ate at Shabusen, Guu, Mondo Gelato, and Sun Sui Wah, watched I am Legend (meh, it was ok) and Juno (awesome), and took K out to English Bay, Robson, Gastown, Yaletown and Commercial drive. Next trip north will be first weekend of Feb (Whistler trip with K's company) or earlier if I have time.

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