It dawned on me yesterday that between mid-March and mid-April I have a lot of shit going on:

1. 15-page paper due for English (race and visual imagery)
2. 15-page paper due for History (comparative colonialisms)... don't even have a topic yet
3. 15-page conference paper for the Assoc. of Asian American Studies (haven't started it)
4. Pack up all my shit, clean the apartment, book a moving van
5. Move to a new apartment, and unpack all my shit
6. Get utilities and Internet set up at the new place
7. Finalize my reading lists for qualifying exams
8. Write and submit my program of study (due last quarter)
9. Present my paper at the Assoc. of Asian Am Studies in Chicago
10. Organize a dinner with my Asian Am conference buddies at the conference

I pretty much don't get to stop and breathe until April 19th when I get back from Chicago. Speaking of which I need to book my flight. Robyn, we should coordinate...how many nights you plan to stay, which airport you flying into, and when?

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Robyn said...

yeah, i have decided that april does not really exist cuz no school work will get done then