Well that was quick. I was just notified that I was the applicant chosen to get the 1 bedroom I looked at on the weekend. Here are the specs:

2 Story, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 650 Square Ft.
- Rent $710, Deposit $600, 12-month Lease
- View, Quiet, Sunny
- Seattle U is just across the street
- Hospital in walking distance
- Shopping nearby
- Secure Entrance
- Water, sewage, garbage included, just pay electricity
- One free parking spot

Most small studios in the First Hill/Capitol Hill area are going for about that price and without parking. The one I saw last week was cheaper but it was 200 square feet (that is not a typo) which is unlivable in my opinion. This one gives me some room to stretch out since the living area is big and the bedroom is upstairs. Task completed successfully without missing a beat at school. I am a Craigslist superstar. What's scary is that this will be the 9th home I've lived in since October 2000, so I'm averaging more than 1 move per year.

Let me recall the homes:
1. Pacifica/Daly City, CA
2. South San Francisco
3. couch surfing in Potrero Hill in San Fran
4. South San Jose
5. Schooner Bay Apartment in Foster City, CA
6. Miramar Apartment in Foster City, CA
7. The Admiralty in Foster City, CA
8. My current place in the Lake Shitty area of Seattle
9. My apartment in First Hill/Capitol Hill as of April this year.

Oh yeah, this weekend was also my birthday but I'll post about that later. Man, too much going on. I need a vacation that doesn't require planning, thinking, coordinating, scheduling, reading or writing.

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