Another month another adventure. The last one involved putting chains on my tires in a sudden snow storm, the one before that involved pumping several inches of water out of the floor of my car, and before that the busted radiator... at night... on the side of the I-5... in Bellingham...alone. Luckily this adventure does not involve my car. My roommate D has decided to move to Maui to join his folks... in two weeks. Luckily I'll have until the end of March to get re-situated. So the plan is to move to Capitol Hill as we had planned originally, only I'll be looking for a studio, or if I find a very very suitable match, sharing a 2/2. I think I need to push for the studio though as qualifying exams are coming up this Fall which means I need to be reading piles of books and articles starting Spring and for me reading requires silence or at most, soft music with no words (or at least not in a language I understand). Ack I have more to say but I have to finish reading a book tonight to stay on schedule.

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