Step It Up

It's 10:15 on a Saturday night and I wish I could be at 1015 (as in the San Francisco nightclub) instead of here. I've got field notes and interviews from the Step It Up event I went to today to type up, a conference to prepare for, 2 papers to edit, and readings to read.

The Step It Up rally and march was pretty fun. It was great to see people from all walks of life concerned about global warming (I think climate change is a stupid euphemism and I refuse to use it). Unfortunately it poured rain for a bit and my research partner and I bailed before the big event with the speakers. We were just too drenched and having collected 20 interviews together, we felt our job was done.

Message from me for the day, if you don't do something about global warming we're all going to die -- that includes your children, their children and all those cute animals. Even before that time comes our earth is going to change in very noticable ways very soon if we don't do something now. You can do small things at an individual level and/or you can write to elected officials to make sure this is a priority and that we're not going to forget about it. Here are some more ideas:



Eunice said...

Here's a slice of irony for you -- I learned today that the drug companies recently modified the formula for the common inhalant albuterol, as the previous formula contained CFC's. So the drug that helps me to breathe our smog laden air is no longer contributing to the pollution. (On a side note, "glad" to know I was putting that crap in my body).

V said...

I have an RX for albuterol and got that letter too! Apparently the alternative will be expensive. Luckily it's california that gives me asthma, not washington. weird huh