Man I love my people. Thanks to Denny for this. I'm sure Vancouver is a ghost town right now with game 7 on. I'm trying to do my grading while I watch the game. I'm so happy I get CBC. Go Canucks!

As Game One of the Canucks first round series against Dallas stretched on and
on, it seems few in the Lower Mainland were able to pry themselves away from
their televisions. Instead, not wanting to miss a minute of the action, most
Canucks fans appear to have decided to wait until the intermissions to make a
trip to the bathroom. So many decided to wait until the end of a given period
that by the time each intermission was finished, the Burnaby area had
experienced a steep drop in water pressure.

From http://canucks.com/view_archive.asp?sectionID=5&id=2042

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