I gave the shittiest conference presentation ever. I never read my papers but since I wrote this one back in Fall and could not remember my own arguments I had to read it. And reading makes me nervous because I get all ADD and lose my place and read my own words wrong. I should take my own advice as a public speaking teacher and NOT read a presentation. And my audience got really weird for an Asian American conference. All these undergrad looking white kids poured in, some of them in the middle of my presentation and they were doing what most undergrads do at a talk -- fidget, squirm, make faces, look around the room, and exchange glances with one another. Apparently someone had their students attend for extra credit or something. Fuck this kinda thing throws me off my presentation groove. Oh well. I got to have dinner with a friend I had met at APAGSO last year who is also a fellow blogger, though I only found out about her very hilarious blog tonight.

I guess all in all it was a good experience to hang out with her, to see a bit of Michigan, and listen to an incredible key note speaker. So it's all done now. Back in my hotel room procrastinating because I have to read, grade 10 speeches, and prep for leading my class discussion this week. I have to get up at around 5:45 am tomorrow to catch my flight, which is insanely early... or in west coast time it's 2:45 am if I want to think about it that way.


Robyn said...

agh! that's me.

this is weird.

btw, i just went on my sister's facebook and saw that she belongs to a FIG group. so now i know what that means.

Robyn said...

oh, and your presentation was FINE! i forgot to ask you questions about why you decided to do phone interviews (rather than IM or email) and if it was hard to get participants. wait, did i ask you this stuff last time?

anyway, i think your work is great!

and i think we should have talked more trash about certain aspects of the conference after. cuz that is fun.

Mike said...

You know what you gotta do? Imagine those fidgety undergrad looking white kids wearing nothing but those dirty undies from the 70s.

Actually, imagining that might make things worse than better... ew...