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I got back from Michigan at 11:30am yesterday. I slept the first leg of the flight from Lansing to Minnesota and most of the second leg from Minnesota to Seattle. That's about 4-5 hours of intermittent sleep which I thought would do but no. No longer can my body handle short trips across three time zones. I used to do these trips from San Francisco to Houston, Raleigh, and Orlando and be able to get back to work. Yesterday I got back and had two naps, graded some speeches, caught up on email, watched the Calgary v. Detroit game and then the Canucks v. Dallas game (thank the gods for CBC in Seattle) and was in bed by 10:30pm. This morning I got up at 10am which means I slept 11.5 hours.

Tonight I watched Calgary v. Detroit's game 7. So over 24 hours I've watched 3 games which is more than I have all season (except in December when I'm back home and watch NHL, Jr. Hockey and Spengler Cup). And all 3 games, my teams lost. I told Denny that this is all my fault. He claims it's his mom's fault. She's been watching the same games. I think together we're messing with the chi that helps Canadian teams win. Still I have to watch Canucks' game 7 tomorrow. It might be their last.

In other news my long lost best friend Caron from high school found me on facebook. Yay! Facebook has been a mixed blessing. Reconnecting with old friends has been fun. Seeing everyone all settled with kids (some of them school age already) is kinda scary though. All the ladies with kids are stay at home moms or working in administrative or service jobs and did not finish a four year degree. Does that mean women can't have it all, or do the ones with lofty and possibly unattainable career goals just start the family stuff later? (way later when they realize this career shit is all a waste of time...or not at all, no family, perhaps just a cat or 12)

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