The only thing that pains me more than poor student performance on an assignment is that student thinking s/he did an outstanding job. To use a rude, cruel, and entirely inappropriate analogy, it's kinda like when a woman who is a little on the chunky side wears tight low rider jeans and a baby tee, producing a large "muffin top" that spills out between the two articles of clothing and thinks it's all very flattering on her. Where is the disconnect? Is ignorance bliss? Ah crap. Now I feel guilty I wrote that. Bah, whatever. I'm tired and have way too much shit to get done. I wish there were such a thing as speed reading and that I had that ability. (I think it's bullshit) One day I will come up with a bullshit seminar on a DVD on how to do something that makes no sense and then retire rich.


Egan said...

I'm also a slow reader. It took me ten minutes to read this post.

Robyn said...

what are the demographics like at UW (ie. spoiled rich kids, first-generation students)? i'm starting to see how much that can influence the teachinge experience. is the course you're teaching a core requirement? one day i would love to teach a course that was not required. *sigh*