So a friend of mine found a wallet laying on the street with $700 cash and no ID inside. This leads me to wonder (1) who the heck carries that much money? (2) why would the ID be missing and not the cash?

I'm not the type to find things like that. Pennies don't count. I saw a quarter today when I was getting off the bus but didn't pick it up because I didn't want to get trampled by the people behind me. And for some reason having lucky things happen to me always makes me worry that it'll balance out with bad luck, like getting hit by a car or something. That reminds me of some news I read today. A fire truck was putting out a car fire on the I-5 when some jack ass drove into the fire truck. You know, big huge vehicle with bright flashing lights. Another version of the story I read noted that drugs and alcohol are suspected. Gee really?


Robyn said...

holy crap. i don't know whether to be amazed about the $700 or upset about the fire truck.

Anonymous said...

I once found a wallet in north beach with $360, a free pass to centerfolds (hence the cash), and a shitload of ID. Piecing together the IDs, turns out this person works at the same company, same campus, just a few buildings down. I kept the cash and destroyed the evidence. Karma is a bitch but $360 definitely goes farther than a quarter.